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   End-user licence agreement (TRIAL- and Full-Version)
Opticom end-user-licence-agreement

In the following the conditions as per contract for the use of this software program are specified by you (either a person or a legal entity), the "user".  By accepting the present Treaty and the installation of the software you explain yourselves bound to the regulations of the present Treaty.  Manufacturer and owner of the rights at the software is the company MMCS, Lorsch as well as the company Opticom computer GmbH, Darmstadt - in the following as "Opticom" designated. 

1.  Contractual item
The subject of the present Treaty is the computer program noted on the data media, the program description (operating instructions) as well as other associated written material.  They are called in the following "software". 

2.  Right to use as demo/shedding commodity version
A Shareware version of the software is recognizably in the status line of the main window "version valid to:  xx.xx.xxxx (date of the license server)".  The Shareware version of the software may be installed on as many as desired computers (also in the network).  The software copies remain property by Opticom.  Amending, Reverse engineering, decompiling or de-assembling of the software is not permitted. 

3.  Right to use as full version
By the acquisition of the full version is switched the software over our license server or by the assignment of an off-line key to the full version.  A user, who authorized one of Opticom off-line keys or a de-energising over our on-line license server receives, is called in the following one "licensee".  The licensee is obligated to keep and keep the registration key in such a way secret that can get third of it no knowledge.  The procedure of de-energising is described more exactly in the manual.  The user is obligated to switch the demo/shedding commodity version as soon as possible into a full version freely.  The full version is recognizable by the entry "full version" in the status line of the main window, as well as under help -> activate online.  On the condition that it concerns at the software one of Opticom authorized full version, it grants Opticom hereby to the licensee the untransferable personal right ("license"), to use this Opticom program on maximally a "data medium".  The licensing takes place here after the data medium hard disk serial number.  In the case of use of our on-line license server it is at any time possible for the customer to change the platform number of its license to move and thus the software on another data medium or PC.  When using the off-line key (the off-line pin switches communication with our license server durably out and registers the software as full version) a removal of the software or an installation (e.g. after a new installation of the operating system) is no longer possible.  The license expires.  The program "is used" on a computer, if it is copied into the temporary memory (i.e. RAM).  These software copies and every other copy, to whose preparation of the licensees in the context of the present Treaty is entitled, remain property by Opticom.  The software may be used only by the licensee as full version.  If it concerns at the software an updated program version ("update"), the license for the past version expires automatically with the installation of the update.  The licensee is no longer entitled to use the software further and commits itself to immediately and destroy all copies and installations of older versions existing on data media irreparably.  In all other cases it offends against the license agreement.  Amending, Reverse engineering, decompiling or De-assembling of the software is not permitted.  All in this license agreement not expressly granted rights to use remain with Opticom.  As licensees you are responsible for all damage, which develops opticom due to the injury of this license agreement. 

4.  Duplication the software
As well as all associated written material are properties by Opticom and protected by copyright laws, international contracts and other national legislation.  The copyright notes, registered trade mark notes and registration numbers existing in the software may not be removed nor changed neither.  The duplication of a possibly provided manual or other associated written material is not permitted.  The user may do the documentation only for own purposes expressions. 

5.  Guarantee on the full version
Opticom gives only a guarantee described more near in the following one to licensees:  Opticom ensures for one period of 90 days starting from receipt date of an off-line key or an on-line activation to the full version that the software, which data media as well as the documentation correspond to the specifications in all substantial interests and are not afflicted with errors, which stands the value or the fitness to the usual or that after presupposed use waives or reduces.  One points out expressly that Opticom does not take over guarantee for it that the software in all combinations and applications interruption and error free works.  Furthermore no guarantee for reaching a certain intended purpose can be taken over.  In the case the customer is committed to a notice of defect, the software, to convey data media or documentation including verifiable recordings and/or documents if necessary regarding the reprimanded deviation at Opticom to the investigation and recovery of the lack.  Opticom takes over the work and forwarding expenses resulting for a any defect removal, it is, the notice of defect proves as not justified.  Opticom does not take over a guarantee for lack, which are not to be attributed other not intended use of the software by change, accident or treatment of the software by the customer or to the specifications or.  A rework or a replacement does not lead through opticom within an appropriate period to the removal of the substantial deviations, and then the customer is entitled to cancel the contract or an appropriate reduction of the royalty to require.  For the spare software Opticom takes over a guarantee only for the remainder of the original guarantee period or for 30 days, whereby the longer period is determining.  All requirements going beyond the aforementioned rights of the customer are impossible, as far as from this agreement nothing different one results. 

6.  Limitation of liability
Neither Opticom nor their executing aide and supplier are liable to pay damages for any damage - damage from escaped profit, operating interrupt, loss of business and/or other information (data) is without reservation enclosed or from other financial loss - to use due to the use of this Opticom software or the inability this Opticom product develop, even if Opticom were informed by the possibility of such a damage.  This limitation of liability applies to all claims for damages of the customer, directly from which argument, in particular to the adhesion from bad action or because of being to blame for with contract negotiations.  In any case one is limited the adhesion to the purchase price of the software.  This exclusion does not apply however to damage, which by resolution or rough negligence was caused by Opticom.  Requirements, which are based on indispensable laws for product liability, remain likewise unaffected.  Direct damage, which was caused by the absence of a assured characteristic, or lack damages, against which the assured characteristic should secure the customer straight, is excluded from this limitation of liability.  For other lack damages Opticom is responsible limited way however only in that to managing.  7.  Safety device of the license.  Opticom may send the following data of the licensee for examining the license to a license server:  Name, address, contact contacts, product version and registration key.  It is forbidden to Opticom expressly, to data not to the license agreement actually belongs or others to transfer.

8.  Sale of the rights
At the software Opticom can at any time on sell the rights at the software third.  Into this case all rights and obligations change from Opticom from the present Treaty to the owner of the rights at the software. 

9.  Data security
It is expressly forbidden to Opticom, collected data - as under 7. described - on third to pass on or their use through third to permit.  Only a sale of the rights at the software permits it Opticom to pass the collected and customer data on at the owner, necessary for the further enterprise. 

10.  Area of jurisdiction
Area of jurisdiction for disputes from the present Treaty is Darmstadt.

11. Partial validity
Individual regulations of this license agreement should be or become totally or partly legally ineffective and/or incomplete, then thereby the validity of the remaining regulations is not affected.  The unsatisfactory or incomplete regulation has to be replaced then by such, whose economic and legal sense of the unsatisfactory regulation if possible close comes.

Darmstadt, den 01.01.2005
opticom gmbh
Bismarckstrasse 59
64293 Darmstadt